Experience in Automotive semiconduction packaging

Actron has over 20+ years in automotive power device packaging, especially in silver sintering, wire bonding, clip bonding and copper ribbon bonding technologies in which we utilize industry’s leading equipment with stable process accompanied with multiple fully automatic inspection and testing machines, our goal is to meet the reliability and performance requirements for automotive standards.

Complete automotive process control

Follow IATF16949 requirements and procedures, provide automotive products that meet AQG-324, AEC-Q100, AEC-Q101 requirements and PPAP available.

Rapid customization and production

Actron automotive semiconductor engineers has extensive field experiences, along with collaborative task assignments to each department, we can speed up development to validation to mass production and can be your best partner for ODM/OEM projects.

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At Actron, we actively align with international industry trends, continuously innovate and transform, and have become the world's largest qualified supplier of car diode rectifiers.

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