High Performance Automotive Pressfit Diodes -

Standard Pressfit Automotive Diode

Main Features
  • Pressfit application
  • Meets AEC-Q101 qualifications & PPAP available
  • Voltage: 20-1000V, Current: 25-80A
  • High Cup & Low Cup designs

Product info

Standard automotive diodes is an essential component installed in the alternator of internal combustion engine; it is the main power device to convert alternating current to direct current. Actron provides a wide range automotive diodes covering different voltage & current. Applied the mainstream Press-fit application and has been used by major tier 1s for its well-known reliability and consistency on quality. Our product meets AEC-Q101 qualifications and full PPAP process, the optimal choice between price and performance.

Model No. Current Voltage External Diameter Height
HL25P/N ~ HL80P/N 25A-80A 20-24V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
HD25P/N ~ HD80P/N 25A-80A 24-29V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
HE25P/N ~ HE80P/N 25A-80A 24-32V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
HC25P/N ~ HC80P/N 25A-80A 34-40V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
HF25P/N ~ HF80P/N 25A-80A 38-43V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
HV25P/N ~ HV80P/N 25A-80A 100-1000V 12.75~12.84 mm 9.60±0.2mm
L25P/N ~ L80P/N 25A-80A 20-24V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm
D25P/N ~ D80P/N 25A-80A 24-29V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm
E25P/N ~ E80P/N 25A-80A 24-32V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm
C25P/N ~ C80P/N 25A-80A 34-40V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm
F25P/N ~ F80P/N 25A-80A 38-43V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm
V25P/N ~ V80P/N 25A-80A 100-1000V 12.75~12.84 mm 7.60±0.2mm

Remarks: Value for reference only, test value and condition please refer to released datasheets.