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Actron adheres to the people-oriented concept of providing competitive compensation, benefits, a healthy and safe workplace environment, thorough training and career development for our employees, and comprehensive care to achieve the goal of a happy workplace in Actron.

Clean and spacious working environments
Clean and spacious working environments
Free Parking Lot
Meal Allowance

Compensation and Benefits

Have an Actron Baby and Get Higher Baby Allowance

MK Lu, the honorary chairman and founder, is committed to giving back to society. He hopes to help solve the problem of the low birth rate crisis in Taiwan, and actively demonstrate his care for the employees through increasing the amount of childcare allowance.

If We Profit, You Profit

Long-term stable profit and excellent management abilities make Actron the best in the industry. We provide competitive compensation and benefits packages for employees to share the fruits of our success.

Fantastic Compensation

  • Chinese New Year allowance
  • Dragon Boat festival allowance
  • Mid-Autumn festival allowance
  • Surplus earnings bonus
  • Employee profit sharing

Yearly Salary Adjustment and Promotion

  • Better than the average market salary adjustment
  • A clear and structured promotion system

Incentive Bonus

  • Patent proposal bonus / Application bonus / Certificate bonus
  • Quarterly performance bonus for direct personnel
  • QIT bonus
  • Referral bonus / Retention bonus

Parenting and Educational Allowance

  • Child-Birth allowance of NTD 23,000
  • Childcare allowance of NTD 5,000 per month for each child under the age of 6.
  • Educational allowance of NTD 20,000 per year for each child between the age of 6-23 at school.

Travel Allowance


  • Extra Benefits
  • Group insurance program
  • Birthday allowance
  • Funeral allowance
Free employee health checkup
Various bonuses
Allowance for club activities- The Cooking Club
Volunteer leave-Beach Cleanup

Careers Development

Diversified learning channels to enhance employees' capabilities

Talent Development at Actron aims to enhance employees’ hard and soft skills. We provide diverse and appropriate training resources for each department’s developmental direction to help employees deepen their professional skills. It not only fulfills lifelong learning needs, but also supports the Company’s long-term growth.

Clear promotion system to encourage outstanding talent

The company conducts a promotion report every year in order to recognize our top performers and give them support and opportunities to fulfil their desires and reach their potential.

Complete system for internal job transfers to allow talent to thrive

The company announces internal job transfer information regularly depending on job vacancies. We create internal talent transfer channels to cultivate employees’ diverse abilities and encourage outstanding employees to stay long-term with Actron.

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