DC-DC converter

The function of the electric vehicle converter is to convert the high-voltage direct current of the battery, such as 800V/400V, into low-voltage direct current of 48V/12V for use in the vehicle. It is mainly composed of an isolated circuit. The energy conversion component of the isolated DC/DC converter is a transformer. The transformer is composed of two coils: the primary side (input side, power battery side) and the secondary side (output side, auxiliary battery side). The number of turns of the coil is proportional to the voltage ratio. When changing the voltage using a transformer, the transformer needs to pass through alternating current voltage. Depending on the design and cost considerations of different customers, the power chip can be classified into silicon-based (silicon) IGBT and silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET, diode discrete components. Actron provides various types of high-performance and low-cost power components with standard specifications, which meet the requirements of automotive production regulations and reduce import and verification time.