Company Profile

Actron focuses on innovative technology research and development, and promotes green power to become the best manufacturing service provider of automotive electronic parts in the world.

Actron Technology Corporation, a manufacturer in designing and developing electronic components of vehicles was established in 1998, with the vision of becoming "the global leading supplier of automotive electronic components." We had the goal of entering the automotive original equipment market and we have satisfied customer needs and enhanced their competitiveness. We have been recognized and trusted for a long time by customers for having strict quality control and excellent technological innovation. Actron actively connects with international industry trends, and we keep innovating, transforming, and reengineering; meanwhile, we have continued to adjust the pace of growth to market trends. We have kept our technological roots in Taiwan, but we have also focused on global sales, becoming the largest qualified supplier of automotive diode rectifiers in the world.

Actron has continued to strengthen its development in automotive power generator diodes. We increased the performance of diodes which led to the expansion of efficient products in the mature fuel vehicle market, with a solid R&D team that possesses experienced development and technical skills. As the global automotive industry is driving toward electric power development, Actron not only focuses on improving the quality of various technologies but also invests in product innovation and implements development technology review with customers. In addition, Actron further launches products that satisfy the demand for environmentally friendly products and meet with market trends through cross-field integration and planning of innovative business models to play a vital role in the global automotive parts supply chain.

Actron is committed to the development of its main business through the core values of “integrity, innovation, commitment, and customer satisfaction", pursuing good corporate governance, and strengthening ESG operations to enhance the resilience of sustainable operations.